Global Citizen Festival was Amazing!

What is Global Citizen?

In case you are not aware of what Global Citizen is, it is a international group that is aware of many tragedies that are going on around the world that we have a chance of saving. They have so many charity events going on for you to choose that evolves just for you to sign a petition for that event. They have events going on right now to end hunger, give clean water, education for all children, for the creatures in the sea, and many more events that you can find in here.

Global Citizen Festival

Now that you know a bit of what is Global Citizen, let me inform you of the Global Citizen Festival. It is a gathering for everyone to come together to listen to music and talk about the tragedies that they can prevent. And guess what? The tickets are FREE! Yep, you don’t have to pay for them, you just have to do a series of good acts (sign petitions, etc.) and then your name gets put in a draw and if they pick your name, pack your bags because you would be going to New York City!


Since the festival just happened yesterday, there are not that many articles out there about what happened but the New York Daily News they did a post about it, they mentioned some of the main causes that are going on that need our attention as well as the people who attended such as actors and other artists that were in the crowd.


Last night was the annual festival for Global Citizen. Actors such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and even Malala Yousafzai talked about events going on around the world and artists that performed were Beyonce, Ed Sheeran, Common, Tori Kelly, Pearl Jam, and Coldplay! Great line up right! These artists were amazing last night in person and through the live stream. Each of these artists bringing something special to make this night and this cause a remarkable event. Coldplay started early on the show during the day which I feel it’s a bit of a shame because at the lights at their shows are great. Ed Sheeran played during the middle, and throughout the show he sang with Chris Martin and sang Drunk in Love with Beyonce. With his songs, he was the calm before the storm (in a good way) because Beyonce played later on and when she did, the place was lit! She played her new songs as well as her old songs. She even sang Survivor and Bootylicious and remixed some songs which really made the crowd more pumped up. Especially Ring The Alarm, when she did that song, the formation, the lights and coordination to that song was spot on. Throughout her set, with all those throwbacks and remixes I was off the couch yelling rooting her on.


It really was a great show no matter where you were in the world because everyone was gathered there for a cause to make this world a better place for everyone. If you are interested in being a part of this amazing movement and to be at the Global Citizens Festival 2016, here’s their website.

The reason why I wanted to talk about this event besides that it was amazing is because at The Dollhouse, venue this is the kind of events I want to do there sometimes, if possible all the time. Bringing people together through music to help others, I want to make that happen.

Who would you have been excited to see if you were at the Global Citizen Festival?


1 year anniversary of You Haunt Me

1 year anniversary of You Haunt Me

Congratulations Sir Sly!

Sir Sly released their first album You Haunt Me on September 16, 2014. Last Wednesday was their 1 year anniversary.

Screenshot from Sir Sly's Twitter
Screenshot from Sir Sly’s Twitter

I stumbled upon this information when I saw Sir Sly tweeting about their anniversary and thought it would be a good idea for them to get a bit more recognition while they are working on their second album.

Who are Sir Sly?

For those you who are not that familiar with this band, they are a band trio of Landon Jacobs, Hayden Coplen, and Jason Suwito from California. Their music has a bit of indie everything. Their genre is labeled as indie pop but there are songs in their first album as electro indie.

Brief Tour History: After opening for The 1975 sold out shows in 2014, they did a co headlining tour with Wolf Gang that started off in Dallas in August 2014. Throughout tour, they had Chase Kensrue and Phillippe Andre to play with them during their shows.

picture taken by The Guardian article
picture taken by The Guardian article

After I read that tweet about the anniversary I wanted to see what a few articles thought of their album when it first came out. Atwood magazine was one of the posts I found. Atwood magazine does a great run down on each of their songs and gave them a 9.4, they say that ” ‘You Haunt Me’ sends down the spine”. In the article that Atwood posted, Hayden Coplen says, “There are tons of young LA bands, right now, and we were inspired to be different”. Before the album came out, The Guardian did an article about Sir Sly and mentioned that they have a flavor of Coldplay and The Neighborhood.

Their most popular songs from You Haunt Me are Ghost (which is their logo), Gold, and You Haunt Me. My favorite songs from their album is Inferno, Where I’m Going, and especially Nowhere/Bloodlines part 1 (the drums in this song gets me going!).  Sir Sly music is not the type of music everyone listens to, but it is a band that has a sound that I think everyone should experience. And I know that they made themselves different from the other LA bands.

If you want to listen to their music or want to know what is going on in their heads, you can go to their official social media websites listed below:

What do you think of Sir Sly from what you read of my post and from Atwood? Are their music the type you would listen to?

How to have a great experience at the barricade!

You have not LIVED until you have been on the barricade of your favorite band.

Seeing their sweat crystal clear.

Matching their adereline to yours.

Feeling the bass slamming your chest in.

Hello readers! Hope your week has been going great, if not chin up! You can always conquer tomorrow!

Now you don’t want to faint right before they come on after waiting hours in line At The Dollhouse so….

here are some safe and fun tips to make sure you have the time of your life.

  1. Get there early!
This picture was taken by Daniella Aguilar during the Kodaline show at Emos.
This picture was taken by Daniella Aguilar during the Kodaline show at Emos.

You never truly know that you will be on the barricade until you are right in front of it. The meaning early is different depending on the band and the fans. The bigger the band/fanbase the earlier you have to go to get in line for general admission (GA).

*for the picture on the right side of Steve from Kodaline, I got to the venue at 10 am since Kodaline does not have a huge fan base and was the first one in line and first one in the door.*

2. Stay Hydrated!

I cannot express this enough, drink water! Have a water bottle with you and drink! Trust me, you don’t want to make it to the barricade after waiting for hours and feeling you’re about to faint or even worse you do and they have to take you out of there.

3. Have portable chargers!

You have to do something while waiting in line all day for your band. Most likely you will be on your phone. And we are know that you need your phone to record some songs. Don’t trouble yourself with worrying if you will have enough battery until the end of the show, bring 2-3 portable chargers and you are set, you can find affordable ones at Wal-Mart.

4. Everyone needs to go! 

1-2 hours before door opens, go to the nearest restroom. Once you are at your spot at the barricade, if you leave it to go to he bathroom, you will lose your spot. There will still be a 2-3 hour wait until the main act comes out, your bladder will thank you for this!

5. Be friendly!

This picture was taken by Kim Gill during SXSW of 2015
This picture was taken by Kim Gill during SXSW of 2015

Congrats! You got to the barricade! As you wait for the opening act to come on stage, lean on the barricade as much as you can. Your feet probably isn’t hurting right now but before your band comes on stage, they will be aching. While you do that, become friends with the security that is between you and the stage and people around you. It’s best to be on their good side, they come in handy when you are begging for the setlist or the guitar pick (hint hint). I know from experience, the friends you make at concerts last a lifetime!

*From the picture above, I knew a few of them from previous concerts, others I met a few minutes before this picture was taken.*

6. Be Respectful!

People in the front row have a duty of being the life of the party besides the artist. When the artist is up there singing, you should rock out as well! Let your energy bounce off each other. With that in mind, when the opening act is performing, practice some of that energy on them, let them know that you are digging their music. If you’re going to stand there and not move at all then why bother being at the front?

7. Enjoy the show!

If you are in the front row, then record away! Have these videos for years from now when you are feeling down or want to tell your children of the good ol’ times, you have this for memories. But please keep in mind to not record every single song and witness the concert through a little screen. Enjoy the music, enjoy the artist in front of you. Enjoy this moment because you will want to remember the view, the sound, and maybe even the smell. That is what will make this night memorable.

What band would you like to be front row to?

Also feel free to leave any other tips that has helped you get to front row for other readers!

for you music goers, if you’re going to ACL, here are some tips on how to have a fun and safe weekends.

*To get a glimpse of another barricader’s view, check out this post!*