Congratulations Sir Sly!

Sir Sly released their first album You Haunt Me on September 16, 2014. Last Wednesday was their 1 year anniversary.

Screenshot from Sir Sly's Twitter
Screenshot from Sir Sly’s Twitter

I stumbled upon this information when I saw Sir Sly tweeting about their anniversary and thought it would be a good idea for them to get a bit more recognition while they are working on their second album.

Who are Sir Sly?

For those you who are not that familiar with this band, they are a band trio of Landon Jacobs, Hayden Coplen, and Jason Suwito from California. Their music has a bit of indie everything. Their genre is labeled as indie pop but there are songs in their first album as electro indie.

Brief Tour History: After opening for The 1975 sold out shows in 2014, they did a co headlining tour with Wolf Gang that started off in Dallas in August 2014. Throughout tour, they had Chase Kensrue and Phillippe Andre to play with them during their shows.

picture taken by The Guardian article
picture taken by The Guardian article

After I read that tweet about the anniversary I wanted to see what a few articles thought of their album when it first came out. Atwood magazine was one of the posts I found. Atwood magazine does a great run down on each of their songs and gave them a 9.4, they say that ” ‘You Haunt Me’ sends down the spine”. In the article that Atwood posted, Hayden Coplen says, “There are tons of young LA bands, right now, and we were inspired to be different”. Before the album came out, The Guardian did an article about Sir Sly and mentioned that they have a flavor of Coldplay and The Neighborhood.

Their most popular songs from You Haunt Me are Ghost (which is their logo), Gold, and You Haunt Me. My favorite songs from their album is Inferno, Where I’m Going, and especially Nowhere/Bloodlines part 1 (the drums in this song gets me going!).  Sir Sly music is not the type of music everyone listens to, but it is a band that has a sound that I think everyone should experience. And I know that they made themselves different from the other LA bands.

If you want to listen to their music or want to know what is going on in their heads, you can go to their official social media websites listed below:

What do you think of Sir Sly from what you read of my post and from Atwood? Are their music the type you would listen to?


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